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sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

How to earn money with DailyMotion or YouTube

First you must create a DM account

Click on Monetize Tab

Click on Get Started

Now sign-up

Fill up the Detail and click Create

Click on Enable Monetization

Read  the Dailymotion partner term and condition and click on I Agree.

After clicking on i agree you get pop-up massage to succesfull become dailymotion partner

Now you know how to become daily motion partners. okay here the question is how to make money? there are three ways to earn money in dailymotion.

Video Monetization : Video monetization is best choice to earn money. here you can Earn revenue from ads served on your videos.means after become partner you are enable to monetize your videos.and that's it when ever you upload your videos its automatically show ads around you videos.and you make money.Text Ads/Image Ads appear around your videos and video Advertisement show before,after and middle of your videos.

Now Upload Videos and use TE  $$$

-Upload 5-10 videos to start of your channel. (its best to make you own production for videos you upload or you can copy from Youtube)
-If you are copying video from Youtube and uploading to your Dailymotion channel you can use this site
-To avoid copyright issues copy videos that are not posted by companies or by popular members. Copy videos with no watermarks
-Once you have your videos uploaded on Dailymotion copy each video link so you can add it to a Trafficexchange. (Thx to [USER=276458]@Duraiselvan[/USER] )

BEST TE For Dailymotion

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